"Pairing Soy Wax Candles with Decor: Choosing Design & Scent for Every Home Aesthetic"

"Pairing Soy Wax Candles with Decor: Choosing Design & Scent for Every Home Aesthetic"

The Art of Pairing Soy Wax Candles with Home Decor

The ambiance of a home is often characterized by its decor and the scents that fill the air. Soy wax candles, renowned for their eco-friendliness and rich, lingering fragrances, can significantly enhance a home's aesthetic appeal. Here's a guide to pairing these delightful candles with various home aesthetics for a harmonious ambiance.

1. Minimalist Homes

Design: Choose candles with a sleek and simple design. Monochrome or neutral-toned candles in matte finishes complement the minimalist aesthetic.

Scent: Opt for subtle and refreshing fragrances. Think along the lines of cotton, linen, or unscented varieties for a clean and crisp aroma that doesn't overwhelm.

2. Bohemian Homes

Design: Boho decor thrives on patterns, textures, and a mix of colors. Choose candles with intricate designs, rustic finishes, or those housed in eclectic containers like vintage glass or tin.

Scent: Earthy, woody, or spicy aromas, like sandalwood, patchouli, or amber, echo the boho spirit. Floral undertones, like lavender or jasmine, also complement this aesthetic beautifully.

3. Modern Farmhouse

Design: This aesthetic pairs modernity with rustic charm. Go for candles in mason jars or those with wooden wicks for a crackling fireplace effect.

Scent: Fresh, green fragrances like eucalyptus, sage, or even baked goods like vanilla and cinnamon roll will evoke the sense of a countryside haven in your home.

4. Coastal Homes

Design: To mimic the serenity of the coast, choose candles in shades of blues, greens, or sandy neutrals. Containers with frosted or clear glass, reflecting the transparency of water, are ideal.

Scent: Capture the essence of the ocean with airy and fresh scents. Salty sea breeze, coconut, or tropical fruit fragrances will transport you straight to the beach.

5. Industrial Lofts

Design: The rawness of the industrial aesthetic calls for candles in concrete containers or those with metallic accents. Matte black or steel gray can be a great color choice.

Scent: To contrast the cold, hard edges of industrial decor, opt for warm, inviting fragrances. Leather, tobacco, or even roasted coffee can add warmth to the space.

6. Vintage Homes

Design: Vintage aesthetics call for candles in ornate containers, possibly with floral designs or intricate details. Brass, bronze, or gold tones can infuse an old-world charm.

Scent: Classic fragrances like rose, musk, or bergamot can evoke nostalgia. You might also consider scents reminiscent of old books or rain on cobblestone streets.

7. Scandinavian Homes

Design: Embrace simplicity and functionality. Opt for candles in ceramic containers, in muted tones of white, beige, or soft gray.

Scent: Pine, fir, or fresh snow—anything that evokes the calm of a Nordic forest will perfectly complement this decor style.


The art of pairing soy wax candles with home decor lies in understanding the essence of the space and choosing designs and fragrances that elevate the experience. When chosen thoughtfully, candles can transform a home, turning it into a sanctuary of comfort and style. Happy decorating and scent-pairing

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