How to Use Shilajit? A Comprehensive Guide to the Benefits and Dosage of Shilajit

How to Use Shilajit? A Comprehensive Guide to the Benefits and Dosage of Shilajit - MBDH Wellness

Shilajit is a natural product that has been used for many years in traditional Indian medicine. It was created by the breakdown of Himalayan plants and is rich in many minerals, vitamins, and other chemicals that promote good health. Shilajit has grown in popularity as a natural supplement for boosting vitality, endurance, and general health in recent years. Here are some pointers on how to use shilajit.

Choosing High Quality Shilajit When purchasing

Shilajit, it is important to choose a pure, unimpurified, high quality product. Look for reputable suppliers who source shilajit from the Himalayas and use reliable extraction methods.Shilajit is available in a variety of forms, including resin, powder, and capsules.

Start with a small amount When using

Shilajit for the first time, it is recommended to start with a small amount and gradually increase over time. The dosage depends on the form of shilajit and the desired effect. For example, a typical dosage for shilajit resin is a pea-sized amount, while for shilajit powder it is usually half a teaspoon.

Mix with carrier

Shilajit has a strong taste and smell that some people find unpleasant. To mask the taste, mix it with a carrier such as honey, warm milk, or coconut oil. This also helps the shilajit to be better absorbed by your body.

Take on an empty stomach

It is recommended to take Shilajit on an empty stomach for maximum effect. Doing so will help your body absorb nutrients more efficiently. It is also important to drink plenty of water after taking shilajit to stay hydrated and flush out toxins. It takes time.It is important to be consistent and take it regularly for at least a few weeks to see any noticeable changes. Along with taking shilajit, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to achieve optimal health. By following these tips for using shilajit, you can get the most out of this ancient remedy.However, shilajit is not a substitute for treatment and should be used in consultation with your healthcare provider.

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