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What are Energy Bars?

Feeling low needs more instant energy than having an energy bar which provides you with the instant energy to cope with your busy day. 

Energy bars are delicious and nutritious supplement bars that are made up of wholesome ingredients like cereals, oats, granola, seeds, dry fruits, almonds & nuts. These energy bars are rich in protein, fiber, carbohydrates & other nutrients which nourishes your body with nutrients and gives you instant energy.

In today's fast-paced life, it has become toilsome to maintain a balance between personal and professional life. Due to this we often ignore our health which affects our dietary habits. These energy bars have proven to be a great option to add to our diet which provides us with various vitamins & minerals.

Top Energy Bars Available in India

There are numerous energy bar brands available in the market, but the main question is which energy bar is the best in providing nutrients and instant energy. And for this, we have listed the top 5 energy bars.

  1. On The Run Oats & Apricot Energy Bars

This energy bar brand is endorsed by Indian celebrity fitness icon Milind Soman. An energy bar with the goodness of oats & apricot. On The Run energy bar is rich in fibre and proteins which boost your energy level and keep you full throughout the day. 

  1. Swasthum mettle Cookie And Cream

Loaded with the goodness of granola, dry fruits and peanut butter. Swasthum mettle cookie and Cream is a gluten-free energy bar that gives you the taste of cookie and cream. This 60 gm packet of energy bar offers you 201 calories and 20 gm protein.

  1. Clif Energy Bar Blueberry Crisp

Made up of roasted almonds, dried blueberries & organic rolled oats. It is a good source of protein, fibre and carbohydrates. Comes in a pack of 12 bars and is a perfect choice for athletes. This crunchy and munchy energy bar is a good replacement for breakfast.

  1. Rekindle by Caim

Rejuvenate your health with Rekindle. Rekindle by Cain by arelang is a blend of clinically tested plant extracts in the form of cocoa bars. These energy bars help to boost the immune system & stamina and improve energy levels. 

  1. Whole Truth Foods Protein & Energy Bars

Whole Truth Foods Protein & Energy Bars are made of simple and natural ingredients cocoa, almonds, dates, cashew nuts and whey. Moreover, these energy bars are sugar-free with zero chemicals and no sweeteners being added. These bars comprise 10-12 gm of protein which is the daily recommended intake of an adult person.

Tips to pick a good Energy Bars.

1- Look at the ingredients

The first and foremost thing to check while picking up an energy bar is to know the ingredients that are used. You should know that all the energy bars are not the same. Some brands can add extra sugar, fat or other chemicals to look or taste better. So be aware of the hidden ingredients that can affect your health.

2- Know why you are eating it

There is plenty of reason to eat an energy bar whether you are eating it as a meal replacement, as a supplement to a healthy diet or as a snack. This is an important factor as different energy bars have different elements some bars have higher amounts of protein while others have unique ingredients to boost performance.

3- Calories it contains

Calories matter a lot. It plays a significant role in your health. An ideal energy bar contains 250-300 calories which is a perfect replacement for breakfast or lunch. So before intaking an energy bar make sure to check the calories.

4- Protein Pick

An energy bar with more than 10 gm of protein is considered the ideal energy bar. Protein is an important nutrient that almost of people lack in their diet. So it is important to know the amount of protein present in different energy bars. 

5- Fiber Benefit

A healthier energy bar should contain at least 3-5 gm of fiber. As fiber helps to manage blood sugar level, reduce cholesterol & improves the digestive system. Look for energy bars that contain natural fibre & enrich the body with the right amount of nutrients.

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