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MBDH Wellness
Empowering healthier lives
since 1955

From day one, we had created to empower healthy living. We are a legacy, family-owned brand absolutely relentless about making the ayurveda and herbal products industry better.

Empowering healthier lives since 1955

Founded in 1955 with a vision To improve the Lives of people by making high quality care accessible and convenient

Taking Forward the Legacy

Growing up in an environment with more than 60 years of legacy in pharmaceuticals, we always admired our family business but it was only a few years later that we realised the inheritance we hold and how we can take this forward. Just then we started with MBDH Wellness where we infused new technological advances in the field of alternative medicine, together building products conforming to international protocols of drug development – from stability to toxicity studies.


Improving health with Ayurveda


~ Happy Customer ~

What Our Customers Say.

"my friend hase been suffering from eye fatigue and troubled eye sight.After using eye care malf for 2 month,She experienced a big difference. Ayurveda is nothing less than a miracle and I have witnessed that miracle."

Deepika Chouhadia

" I genuinely was amazed with the results which these products gave I have tried products from different companies but these gave better results than any one of them .I will encourage you to give it a try and you will love it for sure "

Laxmi Parmar

"I was suffering from pcod from many years ..i tried lots medicine homeopathy. Ayurvedic etc ...buts no results day by day my weight was increasing and I was just facing lots of problem hair loss dill skin stiffness.... Indegestion ... I was tried of all this thing ... After I found MBDH i am really thank full"

Khushi Devatwal

"My experience with MBDH WELLNESS was good so far. I ordered Miremba Syrup to get rid of irregular periods and for my extreme mood swings. It helped me lot. Just a little suggestion is that the quantity was comparatively lesser but allover the product was really effective."

Disha Pahuja

"I need no lenses or specs now, and the reason is EYE CARE malt. My eyes feel less tensed and heavy now. Thank you for such an amazing product."

Pranchal Shrotria

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How to start a medicine store in India ?

A business that is largely unaffected by ever-changing economic cycles is the business of medicine stores. Regardless of the situa...


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